drone video services

our drone video production services

• raw 4K aerial video footage

• video editing (4k & HD)

• Video color correction

• 2D Overhead mapping (up to 400 acres)

• 3D Overhead mapping & modeling

• video production & sound design

• branding & motion design

• video content analysis

Insurance Claims

Real Estate

Crime Scene Snapshots

Architecture Previsualization

event coverage

Disaster Assessment

Water  Studies

Archaeological Studies

roof inspections

Virtual Reality

Litigation Evidence

+ More

Aerial drone footage can be useful for the following applications

VAED has the ability to provide custom animation and content  for your video & lighting environments. We have the chops to shoot your visual content in the studio, or dream it up on the computer.

expert aerial videography & post production

Enjoy some select videos from our gallery.  You can view our entire video portfolio on our Vimeo page

safe & experienced drone piloting and aerial videography

Setting the industry standard for safety and procedure, our licensed and experienced drone pilots provide the most complete location coverage, capturing the best footage.

video Editing, Color correction,

branding, sound design

We take your footage into post production, providing video editing, motion graphics, color correction, soundtrack, and more to meet your final presentation needs.

Final export

and presentation

We take your final video production and export them for final viewing, providing your video in the right formats for whatever your needs.


BuzzEye is a partnership between a Geo-analyst/Pilot & Digital Animator/VFX artist who share a passion for flight and a vision of the multitude of ways drone technology can help humanity.  Our videography drones are registered and in full compliance of FAA regulatory standards.

emma burns
faa Licensed Commercial UAV Pilot

joe shakula

faa Licensed Commercial uav Pilot
video editor and motion graphic artist

Emma Weiss Burns is an Environmental Planner with expert experience in geospatial analysis, environmental modelling, data visualization, and aviation.

Spending 6 years in Los Angeles working in post production, including video editing and motion design, Joe has the talent and the vision to add agency level design and presentation to your aerial footage. You can view Joe's professional work at www.omanaman.com


BuzzEye uses the following technologies:

BuzzEye is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, but our drone video services are available worldwide.  We love to travel! Feel free to contact us about your next project, we are happy to discuss your needs and provide you with solutions.


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